How The Feast Works In-Game

The Feast is a significant event within our game, providing players with access to rare loot and creating intense moments of competition. Here’s everything you need to know about how the Feast operates:

Feast Mechanics

  • Location: The Feast spawns on a circular platform between 3 and 12 minutes into each game. It contains loot not commonly found in-game, including diamond armor, diamond swords, potions, TNT, and other combat-related items like additional mushroom stew.

  • Enchantment Table: At the center of the Feast, you’ll find an enchantment table. This allows players to enchant their items, enhancing their combat capabilities further.

  • Announcement: The Feast is announced in chat, and a 5-minute countdown appears on the scoreboard along with the coordinates. It always spawns around the map’s initial spawn point.
    Feast Chat Announcement
    Feast Scoreboard Information

  • Navigation: Players can use the command /feast to set their compass to point towards the Feast’s location, making it easier to navigate towards it.

  • Interactivity: Before the chests spawn, players cannot build on or interact with the Feast platform.

  • Game-Changing Loot: Acquiring loot from the Feast provides a significant advantage in the game. It’s considered a game-changer due to the powerful items it contains.

  • Feast Fights: The arrival of the Feast often leads to intense battles as multiple players compete to claim its loot for themselves.

  • Quest Interaction: Certain quests can only be completed by interacting with the Feast, adding an additional layer of gameplay depth and strategy.


The Feast serves as a focal point for gameplay, encouraging strategic decision-making and fostering dynamic player interactions. Understanding its mechanics and utilizing its resources effectively can greatly influence your success in the game.

Prepare yourself for the next Feast and may the odds be ever in your favor!