How To Earn Kits

Guide to Earning Kits on The Feast

Earning hits on our server can be done through various methods. Here’s a clear breakdown:

  1. Leveling Up:
    By advancing 5 server XP levels, you earn a nether star which can be used to get a random kit. XP is earned through in-game achievements such as getting kills, winning games, and more.

  2. Crafting Permanent Kits:
    Craftable items obtained from chests, such as vouchers and blueprints, can be utilized in the crafting section to create a permanent kit. Sometimes, chests may even directly grant permanent kits. Chests are opened with tokens, which are earned from in-game achievements (such as getting kills, wins, or completing quests), or voting for the server.

  3. Player-to-Player Market:
    In addition to chests, you can acquire kits through the player-to-player market. If a player has a kit for sale, you can purchase it using coins. Coins are obtained by opening chests. You can also put your own kit items on the market for sale in exchange for coins.

Player Market

A view of the player market

  1. Expanding Free Kit Selection:
    All players free kits from the kit rotation. This resets on Monday at 00:00 PST.
    You can expand your free kit selection by purchasing ranks.

    Rank # of free kits
    Default 5
    VIP 8
    MVP 12
    PRO 17

    Full Kit Inventory

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