Patch Notes - June 24, 2024

Hunger Games v0.2

:Grass: Gameplay Changes:

  • Disabled kit abilities when spectating
  • Finished games now send you to the next open lobby instead of to the hub
  • Soup now provides saturation on top of healing and feeding capabilities
  • The Feast now spawns at a random interval between 3:00-10:00 minutes
  • Spectators are now POV mode only to find a balance between not being able to spectate at all and being able to ghost and tell teammates the status of other players. You can only spectate the player that killed you. When they die, you spectate their killer. If nobody kills you, you spectate the nearest player.

:iron_sword: Kit Changes:

  • Urgal changed from Strength II to Strength I for a duration of 1:30 min
  • Endermages cannot be endermaged by other endermages
  • Demoman no longer destroys the drops from players that are killed
  • Thor can now open chests and enchantment tables with their axe
  • Kit Surprise can be earned by creating an account and voting on NameMC

:lava: General Updates:

  • Fixed an issue of some private messages appearing in French
  • Added additional vote links & rewards when using the command /vote
  • Added @Notifications role for anyone who wants to receive notifications about games
  • Quests now show progress during the game and have sounds
  • Numerous bug fixes

:diamond: Website Changes:

  • Added forums to the website

:golden_ingot: Hub Changes:

  • Added animation for tokens gained since last visiting the hub
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