Quests provide a way to increase the excitement of the gameplay. They reward tokens which can be used to open chests and earn kits.

Each quest has an objective to complete. Some quests require the objective to be completed in a single match. Others can be completed over the course of several games. Upon hovering the text in the chat you will be able to see information about the quest.

Aggressive Tactician kit description. Kill 3 participants in a single match. Reward: 50 tokens.

When you connect to one of our servers, you will be notified if you have any new quests.
New quest. Aggressive Tactician


There are three difficulties for the quests. Each difficulty gives a different reward. You will always have one quest of each difficulty.

  • Easy 50 tokens
  • Medium 100 tokens
  • Hard 200 tokens


While you are progressing quests there will be text above the hotbar displaying your progress.

Upon completion you will receive a message

Quest master

You can view your current quests at the Quest Master in the hub. Upon completion of a quest you can claim the reward there. As soon as you complete a quest you will get a new one. If you don’t want to complete a quest, you can replace it by clicking on it. It will then be replaced at 00:00 PST if the quest hasn’t been completed by that time. You can undo the replacement until the quest has been replaced.

Seasoned Player. Kill a total of 10 participants. Reward: 100 tokens. Progress: [0/10] Click to replace at 00:00 PST        Seasoned Player. Kill a total of 10 participants. Reward: 100 tokens. Click to claim your reward!

We are currently working on adding more quests. Each kit will have one or more quests. These quests are specific to the kit. You may also get quests for kits that you don’t own. In such case you can purchase the kit’s vouchers or the kit from the Player Market in order to complete these quests. Or you may replace them for a new quest.

Quest List

Daily Quests (100 tokens)

Name Description
Daily Game Play one game

Easy Quests (50 tokens)

Name Description
Survivor Stay alive for a total of 20 minutes in matches (grace period excluded)
Resourceful Navigator Traverse through a swamp, desert, and jungle biome in a single match
Craftsman Craft a full set of iron armor and an iron sword in a single match
Steady Pacing Get Top 10 in three matches
Aggressive Tactician Kill 2 participants in a single match
Battle Hardened Kill a total of 5 participants
Culinary Novice Craft 50 mushroom stews in a single match
Diamond Aspirant Obtain any piece of diamond armor
Resourceful Combatant Get a kill using a wooden sword
Pacifist Go 15 consecutive minutes without taking or doing any damage
Iron Harvest Mine 64 iron ores

Medium Quests (100 tokens)

Name Description
Soup Connoisseur Gather - 100 Red Mushrooms, - 100 Brown Mushrooms, - 50 cactus, - 20 cocoa beans
Lethal Precision Kill 4 participants in a single match
Seasoned Player Kill a total of 10 participants
Enchanter Enchant a full set of iron or diamond armor in a single match (type mix allowed)
First Blood Get the first kill in a match
Triumphant Champion Win a match

Hard Quests (200 tokens)

Name Description
Diamond Vanguard Obtain full diamond armour in a single match
Strategist Win a game without getting a single kill
Master of Carnage Kill 6 participants in a single match
Legendary Survivor Win a match without wearing any armor
Grim Reaper Kill a total of 30 participants