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The Feast

The community forums for The-Feast.net Minecraft Hunger Games server

To sign up to this community you need to register an account from the minecraft server!

  1. Connect to the-feast.net in minecraft
  2. Run the command /forums <email> <password>
  3. Confirm your email address. Note: It may be in your spam folder

Welcome to The Feast, where every match is a tribute to the golden days of Minecraft PvP!

Step into the enchanting world of classic Minecraft PvP with our server, The Feast - a vibrant revival of the legendary MCPVP era. Here, we’re not just playing a game; we’re rekindling the spirit and excitement of a beloved community, paying homage to an unforgettable period in Minecraft’s history. The Feast has been crafted to replicate the thrilling gameplay, the electrifying battles, and the sense of unity that made MCPVP a cornerstone in the Minecraft saga.

Embark on a journey of nostalgia with us, where each block and every strategy echoes the iconic MCPVP days. Whether you’re a seasoned MCPVP enthusiast missing the thrill of the past or a newcomer keen to delve into the essence of Minecraft PvP, The Feast is your portal to an epic time-traveling adventure.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a realm where tactical ingenuity, prowess, and fellowship are paramount. Welcome to The Feast - a nostalgic tribute to Minecraft PvP at its peak!

You can vote for us on PlanetMinecraft

Navigating The Feast: Your Questions Answered

  • Choosing Your Kit: In-game, type “/kit“ or “/kit [kitname]” to select your kit. Check the menu for available kits, including our weekly rotation of three free kits, and redeem kit vouchers there.
  • Rewards for Participation: Your in-game accomplishments contribute to your profile, viewable on our website. Earn tokens for kills and high rankings, redeemable for treasure-filled chests. For example, reach the top 5 to earn 0.50 tokens per player in-game, top 10 for 0.25 tokens/player, and top 20 for 0.10 tokens/player. Each kill grants you 5 tokens.
  • Chest Contents: Chests may contain coins, kit vouchers (for limited kit uses), and kit Designs, Prototypes, and Blueprints for crafting permanent kits. These items are tradable in our player-to-player market.
  • Feedback on Kits: Your input is invaluable! If a kit seems unbalanced or impractical, please suggest changes on our Discord in the “Kit Discussion” channel.
  • Tracking with Compasses: Update your compass by right-clicking on a block. It’ll point to your target’s location. Keep updating to track their movements - remember, if the arrow turns, your target is nearby!
  • No Valid Targets: This message appears when you’re within 25 blocks of an enemy. Simply move away and update your compass to reacquire their position.
  • MVPs and Starting Items: As an MVP, if you lose your starting items, they’re unfortunately gone for good, unless you’re a PRO who keeps kit items in their inventory.
  • Exploring The Nether/The End: These realms are off-limits on our servers to keep the gameplay focused and fair.
  • Mining for Diamonds and Redstone: Diamond and Redstone ores are not generated, but you can still find diamonds in other ways, like through Villagers, mineshafts, and desert temples.
  • Understanding The Feast: Occurring about 10 minutes into the game, The Feast is a pivotal event where 12 chests filled with valuable items, including diamond gear and enchanting essentials, spawn. It’s a game-changer, so be prepared for competition!

If you need help or have a suggestion, feel free to ask in Site Feedback or contact the admins.

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